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At the end of the 2018 Patricia and Ricardo met and since then, tons of ideas surged. Many of then became projects and many of those projects became reality. Some of them were related with small architecture, others were installations and others furniture and lighting. After some months, bigger projects started to come and we decided to fund the studio.

Our aim is to build simple, design ingeniously and impact with aesthetic.

At this moment, tra•ma is teamed with Álvaro Catalán de Ocón and Atres Arquitectos for specific projects.


Patricia Carrasco Laguna

Patri was born in the city of Madrid (1991). She is is a restless, energetic and smiling designer who is very interested in restoration, interior design and furniture design.

Studied architecture at CEU University in Madrid, where she got honors in Projects. Studied part of her A level in USA and enjoyed a one year Beca Erasmus in Lisbon at Lusíada Universidade.

She has been involved in the works of the Pergamo Museum restauration in Berlin (with Studio kleihues+kleihues), worked in Madrid with Proieskone (which is now restaurating along with Norman Foster the Salon de Reinos in Madrid) and took part in some projects in between architecture and furniture design with the 2018 Dezeen Award Studio Spacon&x.

Ricardo Mancho Sánchez

Riqui is also Madrilenian. He lives in the edge between technology and arts. He is a bit obsesed with bikes (he has some adventures in his back) and physics.

He is an architect by UFV University in Madrid. He also has a master in creativity and architectural expression. Did its Erasmus in ENSAL Lyon, where he learned a bit of parametric design (and then masterize it by himself).

Before deciding to focus in architecture itself, Ricardo worked also designing websites, producing rendered images, and as a consultant for parametric design. Some of his work was produced for the UFV research team, Lacaton y Vassal Architects and Nieto y Sobejano Architects. As an architect, he worked with the award winning architects Anna & Eugeni Bach –for housing refurbishments and the Helsinki Guggenheim competition– and Selgascano —for the Secondhome projects of Lisbon, Holland Park and the roof of highbury street— but also developed some works by himself.

Nguyen Rodriguez Barrera

Nguyen was born in Cuba (1991). He works from the limits of architecture and usually spends hours listening podcasts.

He is an architect from the Faculty of Architecture of the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute (CUJAE). He has been awarded the Serrano Camargo Award from the Pan-American Federation of Architecture Associations (2016) and won first place in the Creative Space Contest.

He has collaborated with the Cuban-Portuguese studio Belomonte, dedicated to architecture, design and art. He founded and directed the Cuban workshop dedicated to architectural thought Bastión de lo Común. He has been a professor of Projects and a thesis tutor at the Faculty of Architecture of the CUJAE. He has curated various exhibitions as specialist of Architecture and Industrial Design at the multidisciplinary Center Fábrica de Arte Cubano.

Fernando Frank Serna-Borja

Fer was born in Munich, Germany, in 1997 and is an architect obsessed with mechanisms and sustainable architecture, preferring his own inventions over anything mass-produced. He is also, unfortunately, the only member of Trama who takes his coffee with milk.

He graduated in Architecture and holds a Master's degree from CEU San Pablo University. He was awarded second prize in the 2023 Tiny Homes competition and is always looking for new challenges and competitions. During his studies, he participated in several workshops, the most notable being the one at ZAHA HADID Architects on algorithmic modeling. He completed his Erasmus in Rome at La Sapienza University and tutored several students from various universities in architectural software, which he is proficient in thanks to his experience in creating rendered images.

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